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8 years experience on the European eMobility market

ZET stands for Zero Emission Transport.

Through ZET we are combining existing mobility opportunities and reconsider the way they can be utilized. Starting at the base with e-carsharing within Bremen and providing hard- and software possibilities for car sharing solutions, we expand the idea of mobility by combining all existing mobility solutions for a more flexible and sustainable future. To furthermore increase the efficiency (of transportation) and to optimize the utilization of car-sharing pools we use and provide analytical software which can display the user data in an individual and “easy to view” way.

Our products


Plans trips first mile to last mile, including all available transportation services, optimized to personal preferences.


Provides hard- and software for keyless car-sharing services and solutions, public or intern.

Carsharing App

Gives you deep insights into the utilization of your fleet and helps you with the optimization.

ZET Analytics Beispiel

Within the GreenCharge Project we have developed a smart charging and e-roaming smartphone app. It is the first app that allows you to book a public charging point for a certain time-slot, to start charging and to analyze the charging process. 
For housing communities that are running several charging points for their residents the backend of the app calculates and contributes the best possible and most efficient energy mix possible delivered by the existing grid. That guarantees a sustainable and environmental friendly charging infrastructure.

ZET.Charge Beispiel



Dennis Look

Manager R&D

Jan Olaf

Jan-Olaf Willums



Klaus Schüller

Project Lead