Innovative fleet management for companies



Mastering modern challenges in fleet management with the ZET platform

ZET stands for Zero Emission Transport.

Corporate fleet management is faced with the task of meeting increasingly complex mobility requirements. However, the transformation of mobility toward connected, low-emission and fully electric vehicles is associated with many obstacles.

Small and medium-sized companies in particular often shy away from the effort and prices involved in digitizing fleet management.

ZET offers the solution!

Ihren Fuhrpark digitalisieren

ZET.Share App


Plug&Play Hardware System


How ZET supports modern fleets:

ZET Ecosystem

Optimized fleet and charging management ZET.Core

ZET.Core is a modular fleet and charging point management system that can integrate electric and conventional vehicles as well as charging points. In addition to a simple fleet management and booking tool, it helps you distribute the available electricity to your charging points in a highly efficient way. It also allows you to gain insight into the utilization of your fleet.

We are the only provider to have rethought fleet management for electric mobility and thus offer:

Fleet - Analysis Tool

The plug&play hardware system delivers live vehicle data to the ZET system via the installed SIM card. This live data can be analyzed in various ways via the fleet analysis tool.

This makes the management of electric and hybrid vehicles much easier.

For the German Bundestag, for example, the effectiveness of measures for fuel-efficient driving could be verified.

Within the Horizon 2020 project GreenCharge, the ZET system provides charging data for analysis and simulation purposes.

Fuhrparkmanagement auf einem Blick
Hilfe für den Fuhrparkmanager - Digitales Fahrtenbuch

Automated driver's logbook incl. accounting

Keeping logbooks to record and account for business and private trips is a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially for small fleets.

With the ZET system, all journeys are recorded automatically. Depending on the group of use, private, business and public journeys (car sharing) can be differentiated.

If desired, invoicing can be done directly via credit card.

Innovative additions to your fleet

ZET offers the possibility to share vehicles within defined user groups. The vehicle can be accessed without a key via the app, which results in numerous additional uses for your vehicles.

For example, ZET provides access to car-sharing vehicles for a pilot project in Bremen.

Through keyless access and the transmitted live data of the vehicle, your vehicles can be integrated into complex Moblitiy as a Service (MaaS) platforms.

In the funded project eMaaS, ZET has already developed a multimodal route optimization with a prototype, in which your vehicles can also find new user groups

Furhparkmanagement ergänzen
Fuhrparkmanagement - User Management

User management and driver's license check

ZET.Core has a clear user overview. Important information such as the documentation of the driver’s license validation, insurance and payment modalities can be viewed at a glance.