Charge management for privately and commercially used vehicles

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Your electric vehicles as part of intelligent charging infrastructure

ZET stands for Zero Emission Transport.

As part of the GreenCharge project, we have developed an intelligent software system for electric vehicle charging management. It is the first system that makes it possible to book a public charging point for a specific time window, start charging and analyze the charging process.

For residential complexes that operate multiple charging points for their residents, the charge management system calculates and controls the best possible and most efficient energy mix provided by the existing grid. This guarantees a sustainable and environmentally friendly charging infrastructure.

Lademanagement ganz nach Bedraf

The more vehicles charging on a local grid, the easier it is to reach the upper limit of the infrastructure’s load capacity.

The charge management system ZET.Charge prevents this overload with a demand-based energy management.

While simple load balancing systems only use static values to protect the grid from voltage peaks, ZET.Charge also takes into account the charging preferences of the users in the charging planning.

How ZET supports modern charging:

Zeitangabe für die Plaung der Ladung
When would you like to be mobile again?

Flexible charge management

Whatever the preference of your users: whether particularly green or particularly fast. ZET.Charge offers flexible on-site charging options. Users can choose between our priority and flexible tariff.

Flexible tariff charging

When charging with the flexible tariff, the system designed as part of the GreenCharge project determines the perfect time to charge the vehicle. Users indicate in the app when they would like to access a fully charged vehicle again. If, for example, a user does not have to continue driving until the next morning, the vehicle will not be charged until the night in order to keep capacity free during peak periods.

Priority tariff charging

Of course, sometimes users are in a hurry and want to continue their journey in a few hours. For this purpose, we offer the priority tariff. Immediately after starting the charge via the app, the vehicle receives the maximum available energy. Since this tariff uses additional power from the grid, the priority tariff includes a surcharge on the normal electricity price.

Reduce peak loads. Invest less in infrastructure.

Charging many electric vehicles at the same time means an expensive network and/or inflexible loadbanlancing systems where everyone charges slowly. ZET.Charge protects your infrastructure with no losers. Often it is not necessary to have all vehicles fully charged at the same time. At the same time, however, there are always peak times, e.g. at the end of the working day. By stacked charging with ZET.Charge, this peak load can be reduced.

In addition, charging points can be easily shared within user groups through the ZET.Charge app. All without RFID cards.

Management der Ladung verschiedener Fahrzeuge

For whom is our charging management suitable?

Active energy management with fair prioritization for your residents.

Charging points can be shared between different users without much administrative effort.

This means less investment in charging infrastructure is required.

As an Electro Mobility Provider (EMP), ZET.Charge gives you access to the entire Hubject eRoaming charging network. Also, the app enables differentiated billing of private and business charging processes.

You already have your own charging infrastructure? With ZET.Charge, scheduled charging of your fleet vehicles is possible – so your vehicles are always available exactly when you need them.

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